The Franchise Company

The Franchise Company was formed in 1991 and is now one of the longest established specialist franchise consultancy practices in the UK. Its partners and consultants have a wealth of experience and an intimate understanding of franchising in a wide range of sectors. Under our umbrella we have the full range of franchising skills and work closely with experts in European and world-wide franchising, franchise law, franchisee recruitment, trademarks, marketing, PR, advertising and promotion, training and financing. We have over 100 years of combined hands-on franchise experience. We’ve been franchisees and franchisors and, as franchise consultants we’ve helped literally hundreds of businesses become successful franchise operations.Our track record means we’re fully au fait with current franchising law and practice and understand the issues and pitfalls facing both franchisors and franchisees. We have an extensive network of contacts within the franchise industry. We are Affiliate Members of the British Franchise Association which means we are duty bound to carry out our work in accordance with their Code of Ethical Franchising Practice. We also work closely with the franchise departments of the major UK clearing banks.

Julie Waites is the founding partner of The Franchise Company. She started her career in franchising with the Prontaprint Group (UK franchisor founder of the British Franchise Association) and then moved into the telecommunications sector where she set up and managed a franchised retail network of telephone shops. In 1991 she established The Franchise Company and has worked with a wide range of businesses and clients to help develop many successful business format franchise systems. During the last five years she has increasingly been involved with social replication working with some of the UK’s leading charities (Age UK, NSPCC, British Council, The Conservation Volunteers) and social enterprises to assist with projects involving social franchising and social replication. Many of the projects involve international expansion working in New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Uganda, India, Egypt and South Africa). She is a graduate and member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM). Julie is an experienced guest speaker and presenter and is recognised widely for her knowledge on franchising and informative and interesting presentation style.

Ken Rostron has been involved with UK franchising businesses at board level for over 30 years and has gained an invaluable wealth of experience in just about every aspect of franchising, including international development and master franchise arrangements.
Since joining The Franchise Company in 2001 Ken has worked on a wide range of franchise models from a European transport system to an oven cleaning service that was developed in the UK and exported to Australia and the USA. Some business models are better suited to a license arrangement, which was the case with a well known event in the UK called the Great North Run which was successfully offered as a license to cities hosting Commonwealth and Olympic games.

Franchising is now recognized as a successful business development route that can produce outstanding results for franchisees and franchisors when operated correctly and with good advice from experienced consultancy firms such as The Franchise Company and Francity.
Irrespective of your current situation or experience of franchising, we will help and advise you at each stage with every aspect of your franchise development. Our experience means we are flexible and can customise our service and support to provide each client with exactly the service they need to succeed with their franchise project.