How to Become a Franchisor?

Your business, circumstances and motivation to franchise are unique, so we can’t be too general here. Irrespective of your circumstances

however, we would broadly expect the process for moving forward to look like this:

1. Initial meeting: we discuss your requirements, current situation, business model, organizational structure, track

record, objectives. If necessary, we arrange an additional meeting with some key management people. The main goal is to

decide whether the business is franchisable and what it would take to develop and launch the particular franchise.

2. Project proposal: we prepare a written proposal setting out our understanding of your business and requirements, our

recommended work schedule, time frames and costs.

3. Proposal accepted and consultancy agreement signed.

4. Commencement of work: work commences as per the project proposal.

5. Review meetings: we hold review meetings as appropriate to monitor and appraise progress to ensure the project is

on track.

6. Preparation of reports and key documents: we professionally prepare all the key documents, as well as written reports as appropriate setting out our findings and recommendations.

Infographic “How to Become a Franchisor”

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