There is much more to developing a viable franchise system than most people realise. Before throwing your weight behind franchising you need to have first confirmed that franchising is the right expansion strategy compared to your other options.

Then, to stand any chance of long term success, your franchise system needs to be ethical, employ best practice and be commercially attractive to would-be franchisees.

If you have experience in franchise development you may be able to make a fist of preparing your business to be franchised and developing a viable franchise system yourself. It has to be said though that many have tried and failed with the ‘do it yourself’ method.

There are certain risks involved on each stage of franchising, therefore, developing a successful franchise requires careful planning, continuous monitoring and advice, plus support from professionals.

When you hire a consulting company, ask about the background of the people who will work with you on your project. Make sure your franchise advisor has hands-on practical franchise development experience as a franchisor, not just consulting experience. Too many consultants lack hands-on experience and learn about franchising from books or other consultants.

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