FRANCITY is a professional franchise consulting company, providing a full range of services to prospective franchisors, existing franchisors and franchisees. Services cover all areas of franchising from feasibility studies and strategic planning to franchise roll-out and network management. We provide franchise training on various aspects of franchising for entrepreneurs, new start-up franchisors and established franchisors. FRANCITY offers effective expansion solutions for both retail and restaurant chains in the Baltics, including identifying the most appropriate sites, evaluating and negotiating the lease or purchase of the property, and project management from the design phase to the Grand Opening Day.

FRANCITY is a member of PROFIT system Group, the largest provider of franchise consulting services in Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania). PROFIT system Group provides its services to more than 1000 franchise companies every year.

Franchising team

Our team is our most valuable asset. The best franchising experts from the Baltic States, UK and other EU countries are working with our franchising and licensing projects.

We acknowledge that each project is unique, therefore one of the most important tasks prior starting a project is choosing the right people and creating the best possible team for the particular project. The size and the structure of the team varies and depends on the goals set by the client, as well as on the target markets, resources, ambitions and other specifics of the project. We have an experienced team of:

      • project managers,
      • market analysts,
      • developers of franchising strategies,
      • marketing, communication and PR experts,
      • designers,
      • sales experts,
      • business process specialists,
      • developers of operating manuals and training systems,
      • financial specialists,
      • franchising lawyers.

For some projects we attract the strategic franchising partners of FRANCITY un The Franchise Company from around the globe.

An important advantage of our team is the long-term work experience of our franchising experts both in the field of franchising consulting and in the management teams of various international franchising company networks.

Juris Roganovs

Juris Roganovs is the director of FRANCITY. Juris is one of the most experienced franchising specialists in the Baltic countries. He has gained extensive experience as a franchisor, franchisee, franchise management advisor and franchise lecturer. Juris has 15 years experience in the restaurant chain businesses in the Baltics and internationally. More than 10 years in senior management positions, including HR, operations, franchising and international business development. Management consulting experience in the fields of business development and franchising (sectors: jewelry, cosmetics, IT, restaurants, manufacturing, professional services and other). Juris’ experience includes all the elements of franchising:

    • development of franchising strategies,
    • franchise viability studies,
    • creating of operations manuals,
    • specialist training and coaching for franchisors,
    • franchising agreements and other documentation,
    • franchisee recruitment- marketing and sales,
    • implementation of franchising systems,
    • management of franchised networks.

Juris on regular basis participates in the leading global franchising events in the USA, France, China, UK, Poland, Russia and other countries, representing franchisor companies and investors.