Improve Your Franchise


Improving network performance

Whether you are an established franchisor or are relatively new franchise business and are looking to improve in any particular way, we can help in any of the following areas:

  • Increasing numbers and quality of franchisee enquiries
  • Improving conversion of franchisee enquiries into franchise sales
  • Improving performance of individual franchisees and franchise network overall
  • Maximising fee income from your franchise network
  • Improving quality of franchisee training
  • Improving communication with franchisees
  • Training your franchise management staff
  • Upgrading your franchise operations manual
  • Upgrading your franchise package

Franchisee recruitment

Our franchisee recruitment services include:

  • Developing structured recruitment systems and procedures
  • Producing appropriate forms and documentation
  • Developing a detailed franchisee profile
  • Developing and implementing a franchise marketing plan
  • Producing franchise marketing materials (franchise sales brochure, recruitment advertisements, exhibition stand design, social media plan, etc.)
  • Handling and screening franchise enquiries
  • Interviewing prospective franchisees
  • Providing ongoing information to candidates and guiding them through decision-making
  • Helping candidates produce a business plan and raise finance

To find out how we can help you improve your network performance or recruit more (and better) franchisees, call us on +371 29 558 222 or email us at [email protected].