Our purpose is to:

  • promote franchising and licencing as methods of business development and expansion both in the Baltics and international markets;
  • work with companies to identify if franchising or licensing would be a suitable expansion strategy;
  • help clients grow their businesses through franchising and licencing;
  • help people start their own businesses more easily and reduce the risks involved;
  • work with communities to create new jobs and generate additional revenues from franchising opportunities.


Our core values shape the culture and define the character of our company and influence the way we operate and the services we deliver:

Passionate about franchising
Passion in franchising drives us to invest our time, talent and financial resources in following the World’s best practices and delivering the highest standards of franchise services to our clients.

Integrity and trust
We are ethically strong and honest, matching our work to our words, taking responsibility for our actions and inspiring trust from our clients. We believe that successful business relationships require trust.

Professionalism and excellence
We always respect our clients privacy and understand the confidential nature of our work. We will meet or exceed our contractual obligations, and avoid any conflict of interest. We are striving to achieve standards of excellence in everything we do.

Teamwork and collaboration
We recognize that the success of our projects depends on effective teamwork, effective collaboration and good relationships with everyone involved. Our team works in partnership with our clients, sharing in their success.


All of our work is thorough and professional and is carried out in line with the European Code of Ethics for Franchising (European Franchise Federation).