Franchising provides many benefits and is often a unique route to rapid, large scale growth in the target markets. Developing a successful franchise requires resources, careful planning, continuous monitoring and support from professionals. We develop tailored franchising solutions for each client according to its size, needs, priorities and ambitions.

Our range of services for new franchisors cover:

  • Franchise feasibility studies
  • Franchise package development
  • Franchise strategic planning
  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Creating franchise business plans and financial models
  • Developing comprehensive franchise operations manuals
  • Developing franchisee training and support programs
  • Franchise intelectual property protection, trade mark registration
  • Producing franchise agreements
  • Franchisee profiling
  • Developing franchise marketing plans and tools
  • Franchise sales (franchisee recruitment)
  • Franchise management training
  • Setting up and running pilot operations
  • Franchise relations
  • Franchise network management

In order to limit your financial exposure and give logical review points to a franchise project, we would carry out our work in stages. The fine detail of each stage cannot be established until we have discussed this in more detail at an initial meeting and obtained a full brief.

Check out our infographic with the main steps for becoming a franchisor.

To find out precisely what is involved in working with us to franchise your business, how long it will take and what it will cost, call us on +371 29 558 222 or e-mail at [email protected].